Editorial policy

In this rapidly changing environment, rules cannot anticipate every scenario, but these guidelines should enhance the value, trustworthiness and independence of our editorial operations.

We believe every reader is entitled to fair, accurate and balanced information, with all sides of an issue represented to the best of our publication’s ability. We provide this through a variety of compelling, balanced story packages, all optimized for multi-platform delivery.

1. The difference between editorial, opinion and marketing messages will be transparent.  Content created either in conjunction with or independent of our editorial team will be clearly identified, and only shared in the context of being relevant and truly helpful to our audience. Because we understand the power and influence earned media holds, we know working with partners lends a perception of endorsement. For that reason, we are careful to only partner with firms that have the resources and underlying goal to help emerging companies through their business expertise. High-quality, newsworthy partner stories and related information that we believe add value will be included in our outreach programs, on an invite-only basis.

2. Editorial integrity must not be compromised by any advertiser’s or partner’s influence. FoundersWire editors will make final judgments on all content, with priority to reader needs at all times. If a piece is deemed at any point in the editorial process to violate our terms, it shall be removed from all FW media vehicles.

3. All potential conflicts of interest shall be disclosed by reporters and editors in writing. Editors will never encourage or endorse any investment decisions involving a company that advertises in our publication, and FoundersWire and its parent company, GoalsCorp Media, Inc. will not be responsible for any action taken to invest as a result of our content, either editorial or sponsored. Actual or potential conflicts from investments of any kind made before an editor or reporter’s employment must be disclosed to the proper superior so that appropriate safeguards to avoid conflicts can be implemented. Any editor or reporter found to have ties to a particular company, either financially or relationally, shall be disclosed in writing and all efforts will be made to reassign to a non-connected editorial staffer.

4. All material, either staff written or extracted from outside sources, will be fact-checked independently of the original reporter and editor to the degree that the editorial management team is satisfied with the information’s accuracy at the time of publication. Erroneous information will be deleted and corrections shall be made as immediately as an error is identified and proven necessary in all instances, within a 24-hour period. Please alert us to any inaccuracies that we need to rectify as soon as possible.

Your trust is our highest priority. We uphold these standards to protect it.