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Boston has always been a powerful city of firsts. We had the first underground public transit system. The first park in the United States was built here in 1634. Boston had the first city-based police force in the nation. We obviously built the first computer.

Now, with FoundersWire, we are a city of mobile-first.

FoundersWire is Boston’s only mobile-first business outlet. We take technology seriously, so we built it with the intention of being everywhere the modern news reader is, informing and entertaining on the go. This is what evolved user behavior demands in media. (But you still can access it through any non-mobile device, too.) We’re also a startup, and this is our beta, so please let us know right away if you encounter any issues. You can give us all your feedback here.

There is no home page, just the most recent story. If you want to read it, tap the headline. Then use the back button to return to the “flip” and swipe left to advance to the next story. To navigate by category, tap the three-bar icon in the top left corner and tap the category you’re most interested in. To return to the full feed, tap Home in the nav bar.

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FoundersWire is here to cover them all.

You can read more about the roots of our passion for covering Boston’s growth markets here. But let’s just say, because we have been entrepreneurs ourselves, we won’t tolerate one more company languishing needlessly in the valley of death.

We’re done talking about what’s wrong with Boston. We’re done waiting for Silicon Valley, New York, Austin, Tel Aviv (wherever) to eat our lunch and steal our unicorns. We believe we need to focus on the depth of intelligence and scale that’s happening all around us, to bring all services to bear in sequence to help companies grow, to define this city for the world as the deep end of the pool  that it is now and always has been.

There’s more to our business community than just flash and VC money. There’s real business happening here that’s growing our economy–and it’s solving significant problems. As journalists, we recognize how important it is to tell the right stories. How will entrepreneurs know to move here, and what to build here, unless we start building that case through inclusive media? Only a fraction of the real business-building is reflected in business coverage as it exists today. FoundersWire aims to fill that gap.

And the last piece of our puzzle is rooted in diversity. We serve the readers who are looking to understand the complete architecture of our business community. That picture has got to include women, minorities and immigrants–any historically under-served and under-reported cohorts of our demography. FoundersWire is the most excited to tell those stories, because the humanity is undeniable when a previously silent group finally gets a seat at the table. That’s compelling journalism, and reflects more of the Boston leadership that truly exists.

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If you’re more curious, explore what it looks like to be a partner with FoundersWire. We will choose a handful of relevant partners who are aligned with our goals, to help Boston companies grow faster and stronger. There are companies out there with expertise to share, and we believe leveraging that historical knowledge is crucial to meeting our goals as a city. So if that interests you, check it out.

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Most importantly, please join us in telling and sharing the stories that will define Boston for the next 100 years of firsts built here.

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