Happy Leap Day

Risk. It’s one of the most talked-about concepts in entrepreneurship. What you’re willing to risk. Skin in the game. Investors wanting to de-risk your venture.

We know developing FoundersWire was a big risk. We’re disrupting a media culture that is entrenched, and focused on specific sectors of coverage–and we did it because we know there’s so much more out there that has been overlooked.

We’re doing it because telling these stories–more stories, different stories–of the  under-served and under-reported is the difference between Boston claiming the prize of pride in its innovative spirit or spiraling so far down into the “Why aren’t we as good as Silicon Valley or New York, that our community can’t recover from it. We have to tell these stories in order for them to become a part of the larger consciousness.

We want to make Boston business stronger. No startup culture became what it is without strategic media support. So we’re asking that you make FoundersWire a must-read, so no one can ignore the depth and importance of what our city is building. Boston was early to the entrepreneurship party–and somehow a false reputation has gotten more play than what we actually build.

If you want something different, you have to create something different. FoundersWire, with its mobile-first approach and focus on the small to mid-sector growth companies that haven’t gotten the buzz they’ve earned, is that something.

So here’s our risk and our reward will be a healthier, faster-growing economy full of businesses that define Boston as the city where problems are solved.

We’re leaping. We hope you will, too.