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Let’s start with one idea.

Any written piece or blog can be informative, approachable and timely, but still not get a return on the time and money invested. As the market overflows with channels, everyone’s talking now — but who’s listening?

The ROI on traditional media is well understood: Greater audience distribution and engagement create exponential value for information deemed newsworthy — 50x return, according to recent Pew data — and that isn’t something that can be bought or marketed. By comparison, content marketing has just a 1% sales conversion rate.

Earned media — third-party, credible articles from journalists — are still the most persuasive content for influencing purchase decisions. According to Pew data, more than 85 percent of b2b consumers regularly seek trusted expert content when considering new services. Content marketing campaigns that rely on paid and owned content alone can’t drive the results obtained through traditional media coverage.

Getting your unique perspective produced, packaged and distributed to the biggest audience can mean huge growth — but it comes at a steep price, from press releases and other content that tell a story but don’t necessarily connect with the RIGHT readers to convert new clients. And most content does not consider timing of WHEN a new client might need you, because those analytics (up till now) have been too challenging to pin down.


FoundersWire offers a select group of invitation-only partners the opportunity to participate in Boston’s emerging market like no other media source. We help you establish your place in the news cycle, and work with you to produce relevant media assets that reach the potential clients who need your expertise, right when they need it. Our proprietary media data tools tell us where you fit, and our wire distributes your stories to the widest relevant audience, saving you time and effort while reaping the benefits of time-honored media coverage.

By becoming an FW Partner, you also play a crucial role in supporting the coverage of startups and growth companies that deserve to make it to the next round.

Your firm will not only benefit from the increased visibility and credibility that high-caliber media brings — you will glean invaluable insight, relevant introductions and editorial assets from our team of pro journalists to help you grow your client base as well.

It’s imperative that Boston solidifies its place as a hub of innovation leadership — to increase profile is to increase jobs and maximize impact. This is our mandate. We all have something of value to contribute. If what you have to offer can help this burgeoning community grow, we want to hear from you.

Contact us today to see how FoundersWire can add your company’s value to helping Boston’s emerging companies grow more efficiently.