About FoundersWire

Covering a community isn’t something you can mass produce. It requires building real relationships, getting to know your subjects, who are also your readers. It’s about sincerely connecting with and understanding the circumstances and stakes, and earning readers’ trust with stories that are informed, compelling and balanced.

It’s about being a trusted voice as the community grows together, and being part of the process as new people arrive on scene, always informing, so everyone has the best understanding of where we are, and where we want to go.

Bringing you exclusive, in-depth reporting on Boston’s emerging companies.

This is FoundersWire.


Print, radio, TV and digital journalists: We come from all corners to bring you the most comprehensive, dynamic coverage of our startup epicenter–straight from the founders building it.

Our decades of legacy news experience preserve the traditional values of integrity, credibility and  deep curiosity, producing original stories full of depth, balance and historical knowledge. FW reporters have perspective; they’ve been tested on the front lines of breaking news and bring you the quality you would expect from a traditional outlet, but with a mobile, digital-first focus to fit today’s news cycle.

Our journalists have previously produced in every medium at leading publications around the world, and know what questions to ask to bring you the deepest coverage, giving you an edge every day.